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Money & Power 2021

Money & Power 2021

The Hockey News third annual Money & Power special edition is stocked with features and interviews exploring the financial side of hockey. Inside, you’ll find our annual Top 100 People of Power and Influence; NHL team reports, including profiles of every team’s owner and top business and hockey reps; and stories on COVID's impact on hockey and how Vegas is thriving in the desert.


Scott Howson

GRAEME ROUSTAN: When you came in as the AHL president, what was the first thing you wanted to tackle? SCOTT HOWSON: Well, I think plans change. Just like everyone else’s plans have changed in this world. I was thinking about my vision for the AHL was keeping the brand strong. I mean, the brand is really strong, it’s the primary development league, the AHL. It’s got a prominent place as a stakeholder in hockey worldwide, and I wanted to make sure we continued to grow and continue to stay close to the NHL. That’s our bread and butter, the NHL, and what we serve, player supply, player development, we serve two critical roles for the NHL. And then also, some of the business things, grow revenues. It’s really competitive, the sports…



OWNERSHIP TYPE ‘A’ VINCENT VIOLA VINCENT VIOLA IS fond of a saying: “Takers eat better, givers sleep better.” In the midst of a worldwide disruption, the Panthers owner’s nights are likely restful. With franchises in major markets suffering from revenue losses cut or furloughed staff, Viola committed to covering the full salaries of employees through the COVID-19 pandemic. The Panthers anticipated finishing a “normal” 2019-20 season in the red, even if the revamped roster went deep into the playoffs. So the decision to keep the organization intact proved a morale boost for employees of a franchise located in a market with a surging unemployment rate. Viola has taken inspiration from former team owner Wayne Huizenga in strengthening the club’s ties to the South Florida community. In April 2019, the West Point graduate announced…



1. TIM LEIWEKE AGE: 63 | TOP 100: 47 OAK VIEW GROUP CEO On top of the gem in the company’s crown – the shepherding of the Seattle Kraken – Leiweke’s group is busy with a new Arizona State arena and the New York Isles’ Belmont Park. 2. STEWART JOHNSTON AGE: 49 | TOP 100: 49 BELL MEDIA SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT OF SALES AND SPORTS While viewer habits continue to shift, Johnston and TSN have stayed on top when it comes to their marquee stable of talent. Bell got the coveted helmet ad for the Montreal Canadiens, too. 3. MARK LAZARUS AGE: 57 | TOP 100: 52 NBC SPORTS CHAIRMAN The U.S. national broadcaster faces a big year as the NHL TV deal is up for bidding. NBC really turned it on in recent years; can they keep that momentum and continue…



1. BARRY TROTZ AGE: 58 | TOP 100: 45 NEW YORK ISLANDERS COACH One of the highest-paid coaches at $4 million, Trotz has cultivated the same all-for-one culture in Long Island that he had in Nashville and Washington. A perennial Jack Adams candidate. 2. MIKE SULLIVAN AGE: 52 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS COACH The two-time Stanley Cup winner is entrenched in Pittsburgh and is a leading voice among NHL coaches. It would be a shock if he’s not tabbed to helm the U.S. Olympic team. 3. JON COOPER AGE: 53 TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING COACH Now with a Cup on his resume, Cooper is the longest-tenured NHL coach. He was instrumental in revamping the NHL Coaches’ Association, which has improved benefits for all coaches. 4. JOHN TORTORELLA AGE: 62 COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS COACH Don’t look now, but ‘Torts’ is in a contract year. With a salary of just…