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Best of the Best 2019-20

Best of the Best 2019-20

The Hockey News' Best Of The Best Issue is available now. In our cover story, we break down the very best of the hockey world in 25 categories, from best slapshot to best trash talker. Also in the issue: features on Nikita Kucherov and Torey Krug, plus the best-kept secret for each of the 31 NHL teams, a how-to guide on skating like a superstar and an oral history of the film Mystery, Alaska, 20 years after its release.

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While it’s no Hart Trophy, being named All-Star Game MVP is impressive. Listed here are 10 ASG MVPs since 2000. The full name of the first formally recognized All-Star Game MVP, from 1962, will appear in the red boxes.…



THE MINNESOTA WILD WERE once again one of eight NHL teams to participate in the Traverse City prospects tournament in Michigan this September, and it did not go well. The Wild kids were the only squad to go winless, and the eighth-place game against Chicago wasn’t even close. But there were some extenuating circumstances. To begin with, top center Alexander Khovanov missed the tourney after having surgery to remove a tumor on his leg. Defenseman Filip Johansson stayed back in Sweden, where the season starts earlier. And Matthew Boldy and new Boston College bud Jack McBain couldn’t play because the tournament features signed NHL prospects – so competing against them would be an NCAA no-no. The glass half-full perspective: Minnesota got to see what some of its other picks could do.…

Best Of The Best


ZDENO CHARA | BOSTON “HE’S JUST SO BIG,” said one ex-NHLer. “He’s like an oak tree out there. You can’t move him.” The legend of Chara grows with every passing season, and the blueliner is still a force, even if he has lost a step or two. But at a gargantuan 6-foot-9 and 250 pounds, the Bruins captain can basically impose his will on opponents whenever he wants. And given his competitive nature, that is basically every shift. Even at 42, Chara is one of the most intimidating players in the NHL – the guy that once swung 220-pound Bryan McCabe around like a rag doll and still treats his body like the incredible machine it is. The area in front of Boston goalie Tuukka Rask is a no-go zone when…



FOR MOST HOCKEY parents, going through the post-secondary recruitment process with their children once is plenty. Twice is more than enough. But Fred and Patty Samoskevich can count themselves among a group of recruitment veterans who’ve gone through the process three times, though it was only recently their eyes were opened to a whole new world. Over the past several years, they have watched their oldest daughter, Melissa, and 16-year-old twins, daughter Maddy and son Mackie, complete the college-hockey commitment trifecta. Back in 2014, when Melissa chose Quinnipiac University mere months into her tenure at Shattuck St. Mary’s – all three of the Samoskevich children are Shattuck’s alums – it was a relatively straight-forward process. It was much the same for Maddy, who arrived at Shattuck’s for the 2016-17 season and not…