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Superstar Issue 2018

Superstar Issue 2018

Our Superstars Issue digs deeply to deliver the goods on the best of the best. Connor McDavid’s inner circle recounts his rise from youth to the NHL. Sidney Crosby and friends analyze some of his most memorable moments. How has Alex Ovechkin’s life changed after Stanley? All this and much more.



BIG THINGS WERE expected from Jacob Josefson when the New Jersey Devils drafted him 20th overall in 2009. At 17, he had already made a name for himself as a dependable two-way center with Djurgarden in the Swedish League. In 2010, he made the move to North America and was able to make the Devils out of training camp with one year of junior eligibility left. But instead of success and steady progress, the eight years he spent in the NHL were filled with injuries and disappointment. “The first few years, well, basically every year I had some kind of issue, and often there were some pretty weird injuries,” Josefson said. “Broken collarbones, broken wrists, broken thumbs. Every time I felt like I was making progress, there was some kind…



HARVEY THE HOUND | CALGARY FLAMES There was a time not too long ago when NHL arenas were free from mascot shenanigans. It wasn’t until 1983 when the Calgary Flames introduced the hockey world to Harvey the Hound, the league’s first official team mascot. Harvey is described as “happy-go-lucky, hardworking, hopeless at times, hungry at most and huggable.” Evidently he’ll also play the role of escort, as his bio says he’s available for hire to be your prom date. Of course, Harvey is most famous for his tete-a-tete with Craig MacTavish. On Jan. 20, 2003, as the Flames were routing the Edmonton Oilers 4-0 at the Saddledome in a classic Battle of Alberta match, Harvey made his way to the glass behind Edmonton’s bench and began to wreak havoc. Frustrated Oilers players…



>ANAHEIM DUCKS The Ducks struck upon a good thing nabbing WILLIAM KARLSSON in the second round in 2011. He was a small center and advanced from ninth to sixth to third on the Ducks’ list of prospects in subsequent years. But he went to Columbus for James Wisniewski in a 2015 trade-deadline deal. >ARIZONA COYOTES DEVAN DUBNYK was at rock bottom when he passed through Arizona. The 14th pick in 2004 wore out welcomes in Edmonton, Nashville and Montreal and stumbled in the AHL before signing in 2014. Arizona traded him for a third-round pick despite his .916 SP in 19 games. >CALGARY FLAMES Rob Ramage was a key cog (and Rick Wamsley a reliable backup) in Calgary’s march to the 1989 Cup. But the cost to get those stalwarts was staggering. BRETT HULL, 23,…



SINCE THIS IS THE Superstar Issue and all, if there were ever an appropriate time to employ the oldest and most hackneyed trick in the Guide to Mediocre Sportswriting, this is it. So please, behold it in all its greatness. “Webster’s defines superstar as: ‘1. A star (as in sports or the movies) who is considered extremely talented, has great public appeal and can usually command a high salary, or, 2. One that is very prominent or a prime attraction.’” In the hockey world, we tend to throw around the term “superstar” very liberally without actually having defining criteria for the position. Of course, the last four men who have been in charge of “discipline” and “player safety” in the NHL combined for a total of 6,193 career penalty minutes, so…