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September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

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WITH A FEW strokes of a pen, Ryan Johansen’s mindset went from what might have been to what will be. There is no way to know what could have happened if Johansen had been in the lineup when the Nashville Predators reached the Stanley Cup final for the first time. But the fact the center signed an eight-year, $64-million contract in late July, days before his 25th birthday, means he and the team will have plenty of opportunities to try to get back to that point and find out. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have Ryan with us in the last series.” said GM David Poile. “Ryan’s a driver of our team. I really feel in these next eight years we’re going to do really well. And when we do really well,…



ONE OF THE more underreported aspects of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s state-of-theunion address prior to the Stanley Cup final is that the league’s i n ter n a t ion a l hockey strategy is essentially in disarray. Olympic participation for 2018 in Pyeongchang is dead, the nebulous concept of a “Ryder Cup” type of competition is off the table and even the NHL/ NHLPA backed World Cup is out the window at the moment. That leaves NHL players participating in the World Championship each year and nothing else. At a meeting last November, the league essentially tried to attain labor peace with the NHLPA for the next nine years in exchange for an international agenda that included the Olympics. The players were having none of it. “We had, as part of…



FOR UP-TO-THE-MINUTE COVERAGE, VISIT THN.COM ACROSS FIVE GAMES in February, Filip Forsberg couldn’t stop scoring. Draped in Predators’ gold, he was like a modern-day Midas, nearly every puck he touched finding twine. It started with back-to-back hat tricks, which made him the first player in seven years to have caps rain down on him in consecutive games, and reached a point where P.K. Subban recoiled when Forsberg reached out to tap gloves. A wise move, as one should always be wary of the hot hand. But while teammates marveled at his run, it seemed the best Forsberg could muster was a shy smile, recounting to reporters that he couldn’t remember another run like it since his youth in Sweden. That paints a perfect picture of Forsberg, a modest and unassuming young player away…



THE BLACKHAWKS HAVE been the gold standard of the salary cap era, winning three Stanley Cups under GM Stan Bowman, tying them for the league lead with Pittsburgh. A fun little wrinkle to Chicago’s three titles in six seasons was that the franchise had to let a lot of talent go during those years in order to stay under the cap while still fielding a competitive squad. That meant new homes for Dustin Byfuglien, Andrew Ladd, Dave Bolland, Brian Campbell and Kris Versteeg (twice), among others. As long as the Hawks kept their vaunted core of Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and Marian Hossa together, it was worth it. But lately there’s been a hitch in the plan. Since contract extensions to Toews and Kane kicked in, each…