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February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

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ASK Adam?

WHAT’S KEEPING YOU UP AT NIGHT? IF YOU’VE GOT A QUESTION ABOUT THE GAME, SEND IT TO COLUMNIST ADAM PROTEAU AT ASKADAM@THEHOCKEYNEWS.COM QUESTION: Can we believe NHL injury reports, or are they just something that is put out to satisfy a league requirement? When the Penguins’ Patric Hornqvist went out, he had taken a shot to the leg. It was almost immediately reported he had a lower-body injury but would be out “a few weeks.” Now he’s listed as having an upper body injury. Smells like post-concussion to me. Raymond Lees, Springhill, N.S. ANSWER: The reports aren’t fashioned out of thin air, and you should for the most part believe team diagnoses of player injuries. That’s not to say each team is 100 percent honest, but there’s no evidence to suggest teams are…



Thanks in large part to offensive wunderkinds Nikolaj Ehlers and Oliver Bjorkstrand, Denmark’s world junior team was an underdog favorite in Toronto this year. But the surprise quarterfinalists would have left a mark even without their win over the Swiss, due to their sweet uniforms. The white edition was especially cool, highlighted by an off-centered lion that dominates the left ribcage of the sweater and even bleeds onto the arm. The actual team name is pretty small on the front, but adds to the uniqueness of the creation.…



AT CHRISTMASTIME, WE NORTH AMERICANS have our egg nog. Nordic countries have their glogg (pronounced “gloog,” with a heavy accent on the ‘oo’). You could say that in Sweden they love to glug their glogg, a sweet, high-octane mulled wine that is served warm so as to raise the temperature of the mouth and stomach, thereby pushing the blood to the skin to create an all-round glow, warming the body and the soul from the inside out. Swedes like to spend all Christmas Day sitting around drinking glogg and watching Donald Duck cartoons. IF YOU JUST GIVE UP, THAT OBVIOUSLY SAYS A LOT ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AS A PLAYER– Filip Forsberg Anyway, it was only a couple sleeps before Christmas and the Presidents’ Trophy-contending Nashville Predators found themselves with a rare…



Strong footwork is vital to any goaltender’s success. Try these warmup drills to achieve peak performance on game day