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March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016

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SETH JONES HAS JUST SAT DOWN TO DINNER in Nashville when his phone rings. It’s Predators GM David Poile on the line. Jones has no idea why he’s being summoned. Little does he know, he’ll board a flight to a new home two hours from now. Ryan Johansen knows exactly what’s happening when his phone rings in Columbus. So does his girlfriend, Madison. They look at each other. “I think it’s done,” he tells her. Johansen heads to Nationwide Arena, two blocks from his apartment. Waiting for him are GM Jarmo Kekalainen and the rest of the Columbus Blue Jackets management team. The event every rumor mill, television panel and podcast predicted over the past few months is now a reality. Johansen has been traded. Two talented players, both chosen fourth overall at…



READ FEATURES FROM RYAN KENNEDY EVERY DAY AT THEHOCKEYNEWS.COM YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET THE NARRATIVE you want. The St. Louis Blues spearheaded an effort to get their city the world juniors in 2018, but fell in the final round to Buffalo, which has quickly become a hub for big events in the hockey world thanks to Sabres owner Terry Pegula’s building spree. The Sabres will again do an excellent job with the WJC, just as they did in 2011. But when you consider how good grassroots hockey has become in St. Louis, it’s too bad the U.S. doesn’t have another event for the Gateway Arch city. Take a look at this year’s draft rankings and you’ll find Missouri flavor. Matthew Tkachuk leads the way as a topfive prospect, while fellow first-round hopefuls Logan…



THERE IS A NEW PLAYER in hockey collectibles. Toy maker Imports Dragon debuted its Premium Sports Artifacts line based on popular NHL players. This is the first time since 2001 a company other than McFarlane Toys – who no longer holds the license – will make realistically styled hockey figures. Imports Dragon released 16 six-inch scale figures in December and another 15 in January. They also released 56 different mini-figures, measuring three inches tall, with more coming soon. The small figures come in three levels of rarity and are made for play with a tabletop card and dice game. (…



TRADING CARD COMPAN IES used to perform a “head swap,” placing one player’s head on another player’s body, if an up-to-date picture wasn’t available. Here are a couple of our favorites. Rogie Vachon, who was shipped from Montreal to the Kings in 1971, had his head slapped onto Ross Lonsberry’s shoulders. The result fooled no one. And when Upper Deck released their 1992-93 set, Eric Lindros had yet to play, so they superimposed his head onto Mark Recchi’s body. After that, the practice was retired.…