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December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

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. 915 The league-wide save percentage in 2014-15. It was the highest mark since the NHL began recording the statistic in 1982-83 WE’RE LIVING IN THE GREATEST goaltending era the sport has ever seen. The modern-day legends – Dominik Hasek, Martin Brodeur, Patrick Roy – still stand in a league of their own, but, across the board, today’s keeper is bigger, stronger, faster and more fundamentally sound than his forebearer. In an age with stick technology that allows snipers to shoot harder and more accurately, how have goaltenders gotten to the point where they’re increasingly unbeatable? If you ask former NHL netminder Steve Valiquette, now a broadcaster with the MSG Network who runs his own goaltending school, it’s all in the training. Like no time before, goaltenders are brought up learning the fundamentals…

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MIKE SMITH “IT’S JUST ABOUT BEING CONSISTENT AND TRYING TO HELP YOUR DEFENSE – Mike Smith During a pause in every practice, Mike Smith will scoop up a loose puck and send it toward the net at the other end of the ice. The opportunity to make that shot rarely pops up in a game, though when it did Oct. 19, 2003, Smith converted with 0.1 seconds remaining to become the seventh goaltender in NHL history to score a goal by shooting the puck into the net. More often than not, however, Smith uses his familiarity with the black disk to make passes. And he’s one of the best goalies with the puck on his stick. Smith executes short saucers to his defensemen with precision, which prevent opponents from establishing a forecheck, and his…



Excerpt from:patrick roy: winning. nothing else. By Michel Roy Before the game, former stars from the two clubs were introduced: Marcel Pronovost and Mickey Redmond for the Wings, Bernard ‘Boom Boom’ Geoffrion and Maurice Richard for the Canadiens. The Rocket received a standing ovation that lasted several minutes. Then the whirlwind was unleashed. By the end of the first period, Detroit already led 5-1. Patrick couldn’t blame himself for any of the goals. Three of them were scored while the Canadiens were killing penalties, one of them with a two-man disadvantage near the end of the period, when Patrice Brisebois was given a fiveminute major and a game misconduct while one of his teammates was already in the box. Every goal was a fine piece of work that Patrick was powerless to stop. It…



FILE THIS UNDER THE CAPTAIN Obvious department: Martin Brodeur owns just about every major record for goaltenders: wins (691), shutouts (125), games played (1, 266), 30-win seasons (14), 40-win seasons (eight), minutes played (74,439)…you get the point. But one record eluded him his entire career. In fact, no goalie has ever done it, though a few, including Brodeur, have come close. He tried for it every season, and it wasn’t like he couldn’t have done it. The problem was trying to convince the killjoys who called the shots in New Jersey to let him try. “I always begged my goalie coach, ‘Come on! One year. Let’s do it. This could be a record. I’ll play all 82 games. You can pull me after seven minutes if you want. Just let me…