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March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

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Guess Who!

“In ’90-91, I became the fourth goalie to win the Calder and Vezina in the same season.” “I have one Cup ring, but played in three finals, one with Chicago and two with Dallas.” “I’ve also been a Shark, a Leaf and a Panther. I’m third all-time on the NHL wins list.”…



GEOGRAPHICALLY, THE MURRAY FAMILY is more like hockey’s Sutters. By numbers, they’re closer to the Staals. By gender, however, they’re unlike any other. Logan, Madi, Kelly and Eden Murray are to women’s hockey what the Sutters and Staals are to the NHL. The eldest three play elite college hockey and 18-year-old Eden, considered the best of the bunch, is set to join them next season, when she teams with Madi, 21, at Yale. Joakim Flygh, who will coach the pair for the Bulldogs, marvels at the talent in the Murray gene pool out of Medicine Hat, Alta., a four-hour drive from the birthplace of the Sutters. “This is probably the first time I’ve come across it where four kids have played at a very high level in women’s hockey,” he says.…



THERE WAS A TIME WHEN NHL teams north of the border would have been thrilled with a 90-cent dollar. That, of course, was back in 2001 when the dollar bottomed out at just over 63 cents compared to its American counterpart. But now that Canada has been on par or, in some cases, trading higher for the better part of seven years now, it’s not such pleasant news. Since the Canadian dollar drew even in the fall of 2007, it has been great news for the NHL and its (now) seven Canadian teams. But the dollar has been in a free fall according to analysts and isn’t about to rebound back to par any time soon. When the puck dropped to open the season in October, the Canadian loonie was worth…



LIKE SAND CASTLES ON A BEACH, ECHL franchises are fleeting, as San Francisco Bulls players and fans found out recently. On Jan. 27, the Bulls were swept away after just one-and-a-half seasons on the shores of San Francisco Bay. With losses estimated at $2 million and attendance numbers falling to the low hundreds at an 8,500-seat arena, the writing was on the wall for the San Jose Sharks’ ECHL affiliate. The Bulls were 15-20-5 and in eighth place after 40 games in the ECHL’s Western Conference when the league put them out to pasture and wrote them out of the schedule. Coach, GM and president Pat Curcio delivered the news to his players. “You walk into the dressing room and you just start crying,” he says. “You’ve got 22 early adult…