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October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

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RAFFI TORRES KNOWS THE SAN JOSE Sharks don’t pay him to sit in the press box. But the wrecking ball left winger can’t dwell on his suspension-littered past when he begins his new three-year, $6-million contract this season, his first full campaign with the Sharks after being acquired at the trade deadline in April. After all, aggression and physical play are what got him the deal in the first place. “I don’t go out there trying to put guys on a stretcher – that’s not what I’m about,” Torres said. “But I am going to keep playing on that edge. I’ll try to be a bit smarter about picking my spots, but I’m going to play with tenacity and be good in my own zone.” His last foray into punishment came in…



8 FOR THE RECORD, IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET DREW DOUGHTY ANGRY OFF THE ICE. WHEN HE AND WAYNE SIMMONDS, now of the Philadelphia Flyers, were teammates in Los Angeles, they were also roommates for a couple years and no friendship is immune to bumps in the road. “One time we were driving somewhere and he said something stupid,” Simmonds says. “So I threw his phone out the window. He kicked me out of the car and I wasn’t allowed back in for a week.” When confronted with this tale, Doughty laughs: “When you live with someone for a year, it’s different than if you’re living with a girl or whatever, you only see them when you’re at home. But with Wayne we were at the rink every day, out to dinner…


What IF?

IN HIS 12-YEAR NHL career, Bobby Orr had 270 goals and 645 assists for 915 points in just 657 games before multiple knee surgeries forced him to retire at just 30 years old. It’s hard to imagine his legacy being any greater (we have him ranked No. 2 behind Wayne Gretzky in our top 100 players of all-time) but what if…Orr had stayed healthy? In his prime, from 1969-70 to 1974-75, he averaged 36 goals and 122 points. Without knee injuries, Orr would have continued, perhaps even bettered, his averages for several more years starting in 1975-76. He was sharing the point with Brad Park that final season in Boston and was on pace for 40 goals, 104 assists and 144 points. After signing with the Chicago Black Hawks, a healthy Orr…



IF YOU’RE AN ANNUAL ARMCHAIR GM, you were busy preparing for the fantasy hockey season as 2013-14 approached. Despite all your research and Lou Lamoriello-like moves on draft day, however, you’ll confront managers that can ruin your run at a title. Many leagues have these GM personalities, so knowing and exploiting the competition is critical: THE AUTO-DRAFTER: The hardest work these GMs put into a pool is creating an account. They’ll make you wonder why they bothered joining, since they’re gone come October. They’re no-shows at the draft, they’re lineups stay stagnant and they leave players on their roster who are out for the season. Approach an auto-drafter as you would a ghost: pretend you don’t see it and move on. THE WHEELER ’N’ DEALER: The Paul Holmgrens of fantasy leagues are…