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July 13, 2013

July 13, 2013

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HAD ADAM MCQUAID PLAYED an 82-game season in 2012-13, he would have had somewhere in the range of 15 fights and 155 penalty minutes. So the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association, which awards the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy to “the National Hockey League player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey,” might have some ’splaining to do if McQuaid wins the trophy. But this is also a trophy Bobby Clarke won 41 years ago. Gary Roberts, proud owner of more than 2,500 PIM during his career, was also honored. And the last time we checked, guys such as Adam Graves, Cam Neely and Ken Daneyko weren’t exactly in the habit of taking any prisoners, either. So it’s clear sportsmanship with the Masterton is a little like judges’ questions…



IF THE NHL DIDN’T CHANGE ONE THING about its brand, we’d still be enraptured by it, particularly the playoffs. This spring we’ve seen dramatic comebacks, shocking upsets and immense vitriol, packaged inside a wrapping of elite skill and talent. What’s not to like? Well, judging by the voices we’re hearing in traditional and social mediums, decrying everything from the state of officiating (pg. 24) to a lack of respect, things ain’t perfect. Besides, we crazy humans always want more. So like a millionaire player or billionaire owner trying to decide between the black Porsche or the red Ferrari, here’s what we’d like to see the league put on its board of governors, GMs and R&D agendas. 1. Three-two-one points system. As is explained on pg. 26, this is a no-brainer. Regulation time…



VANCOUVER’S 2013 CAMPAIGN is over, but the silly season in B.C. has already begun after another postseason faceplant. Vancouver products Jason Brough and Mike Halford, formerly of Orland Kurtenblog and now with NBC’s, take a lighter-side look at what changes are coming for the Canucks. JASON BROUGH Hey, did you read that letter Mike Gillis sent to Vancouver season-ticket holders? Apparently he believes the Canucks have to “reinvent” themselves this summer. MIKE HALFORD Yeah, should be an interesting off-season. He said after the Sharks swept them that “significant changes” were coming. JB So fire the coach and… what…new uniforms again? MH Might be a bit more dramatic than that. Two straight first-round exits for a team that went to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final in 2011. The paying customers aren’t very…



WITH AN ABBREVIATED TRAINING CAMP and an unusually compact schedule, the NHL season didn’t offer much free time – until now. The free agent market won’t open for business until July 5, four days later than normal, so that means more time to speculate on destinations for this summer’s prized crop of free agent goaltenders. Coyotes goalie Mike Smith tops the wish list of more than a handful of teams shopping for a new No. 1 and if he reaches unrestricted free agency, he’ll be the best option available. At 31 years old, Smith is in his prime. This past season was only his second as a bona fide starting goaltender, but after an impressive performance in 2011-12 that included a 234:25 shutout streak, .930 save percentage and a surprise run to the…