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Yearbook 2011-12

Yearbook 2011-12

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Lonely Star State

Pacific Division, Western Conference DURING A SPORTS YEAR where the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title and the Texas Rangers made it to the World Series, the Dallas Stars have never been less relevant. The team has missed the playoffs for three straight seasons, ranked 23rd in league attendance and has been seeking a new owner since a group of faceless lenders took over for Hicks Sports Group in 2009. But Joe Nieuwendyk believes in this team’s future and that he can still shape positivity out of the dark place where the Stars sit. “It has been a challenge, but the one thing I’ll say is we never used it as an excuse,” said the third-year GM. “I think we feel that the 20 guys we put on the ice can win…



AGE MATTERS Penguins star Sidney Crosby was the best of the kids – and everyone else, too – when it came to points-per-game last year. DRAFT DEMOGRAPHICS A total of 210 players from 14 countries were selected at the 2011 draft at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. Canada’s still No.1, but only 37.6 percent of picks were from the Great White North – the least ever. 68,111 Number of fans who attended the 2001 NHL Winter Classic in Pittsburgh 21,112,139 Total attendance for all 2010-11 NHL hockey games GOAL-FEST Want scoring? Go see those rambunctious teenagers do their thing. Junior hockey is so entertaining because the kids still make mistakes, which leads to more goals-pergame than in any other high-level league. CHL 6.91 CWHL 6.86 CIS 6.67 NCAA 6.65 ECHL 6.25 AHL 5.78 KHL 5.57 NHL 5.46 FIGHT FANS What did George Parros learn…



Bruce Boudreau continues to try to find the right buttons to push to take his Washington Capitals beyond the second round, a place they’ve yet to be since his tenure began in November of 2007. We chatted with the 56-year-old coach about his style behind the bench, bounce-back years for Alex Ovechkin and his stars and what it would mean to finally scale the championship mountain. THE HOCKEY NEWS If Bruce Boudreau the coach had Bruce Boudreau the player for a stretch of time, what would the coach’s advice for the player have been? BRUCE BOUDREAU I would have taught him to be responsible in his own zone, there’s no doubt in my mind. When you’re a scorer for the most part, especially in the minors or junior, you have a tendency…


Truths & Myths

In June, the Pittsburgh Penguins sent out an email promoting their youth summer camps. And the advertising for it was at once unsettling and reassuring. The Pens were advertising “free baseline concussion testing” for all participants in their camps – underscoring just how prominent the issue of head injuries in hockey has become. And it shouldn’t be a surprise as to why. When the face of the game (otherwise known as Mr. Sidney P. Crosby, captain of the aforementioned Pens) has his playing career jeopardized as it was last season, people leap up and take notice. However, the problem of head injuries was around long before Crosby was sidelined for the second half of the 2010-11 season. From stars such as Pat LaFontaine to journeymen such as David Tanabe, NHLers have been…