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November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

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HOCKEY IS certainly moving into the mainstream with three movies centered around the sport either in production or set to hit theatres soon. One film, Goon, stars Seann William Scott, best known for his parts in Role Models, Road Trip and American Pie. In addition to Stifler on skates, Rob Lowe is back on the ice nearly 25 years after dating the coach’s daughter in Youngblood. No word if his new hockey movie, Breakaway, will include a rematch with that thug Racki. A LOT HAS changed in Edmonton this year, where young guns Taylor Hall, Magnus Paajarvi and Jordan Eberle have provided real hope for the future. One thing remains the same, though – the Oilers’ inability to beat the Wild in Minnesota. The Oil have dropped 14 straight in Minny,…



The Chilliwack Bruins’ leading sniper has started off the season like a Howse afire. Ryan Howse, who had a league-high nine goals after six games, is hoping to parlay his early success into another banner year after scoring 47 times a season ago. “I would like to hit the 50-goal mark, but only time will tell,” said the 19-year-old Calgary Flames third-rounder (74th overall) in 2009. “I’m not going to make any estimates. I’m not going to guarantee anything. If it happens, it happens.” Howse has made things happen while playing alongside two products of Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic — center Roman Horak and left winger Robin Soudek. “They’ve tried to teach me some words in Czech,” Howse noted. “But usually when I say them, they laugh.”…



IN 23 YEARS following the Hawks for the Daily Herald, no story was bigger than their 2010 Stanley Cup win. But there is one story, from 2003, I’ll always remember and it involved Theo Fleury. It turned out Fleury had gotten into a brawl the night before a game with bouncers at a Columbus strip club. With the Hawks offering no information on the matter, my pal from the Tribune, Bob Foltman, and I headed to the club. Bob had a great idea. He would get a lap dance and ask the girl if she knew what happened. Bingo, she did, giving Foltman the juicy details. On the way back to the hotel, I’ll never forget what Foltman wondered aloud: “Can you expense a lap dance?”…



AT LONG LAST, the Hockey Hall of Fame is inducting its first female members Nov. 8. For its entire history, the HHoF’s induction committee treated the Hall’s highest honor as the sole property of those with both X and Y chromosomes. Although nothing in the Hall’s regulations specifically forbade women from being inducted, the lack of even a single female – even in the builders category – spoke volumes about the institution’s attitude toward half of the population. But with every passing year – and after other hockey Halls of Fame beat them to it (the IIHF and U.S.) – the HHoF finally did the right thing and announced that not one, but two women would be the first to go in and assume their rightful place among hockey’s immortals. And in picking…