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March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

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SOMETIMES, THE REALITY of reuniting with an old flame doesn’t quite match the heightened expectations of the fantasy. Take the city in which the old Flames used to play: Atlanta and the NHL got back together in 1999, nearly two decades after they originally split up. This time, they were really, really going to make it work. But with Ilya Kovalchuk’s departure, unstable ownership and sparse attendance, the relationship is back on the rocks (see Ryan Kennedy’s opinion column on pg. 14). A cynic would say the marriage was doomed from the start; that you can’t go home again. Not so fast, say the hopeless romantics. What about Minnesota? Indeed, there are some interesting parallels – and differences – between the two NHL markets that were granted second chances at about the same…


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5 FIVE Scottie Upshall and a second round pick went from Philadelphia to Phoenix in a deal for tough guy Daniel Carcillo. 4 FOUR The Penguins won the Cup in part because they picked up Bill Guerin from the Islanders for a third-rounder. 3 THREE Nik Antropov arrived on Broadway after the Leafs dealt him to the Rangers in exchange for a second round pick. 2 TWO Ottawa got its man in netminder Pascal Leclaire and a second-rounder from Columbus for Antoine Vermette. 1 ONE Olli Jokinen went from Phoenix to Calgary for Matthew Lombardi, Brandon Prust and a first round pick in 2010.…



WHEN NHL TEAMS resume play after the Olympic break, 309 games and a whole lot of playoff posturing remain to be decided. There are too many variables and intanigbles out there to correctly postulate who the top eight seeds in each conference will be. But there are some technical trends that can provide an indication as to who is favored to nail down the final few spots. Each game is analyzed in terms of the opponent’s winning percentage, number of days off between games, home versus road point percentage, etc. Toronto has the easiest remaining schedule. The opponents they face have a combined .526 points percentage. However, using the same calculation, but with the opponents’ points percentage at home and on the road, the adjusted value becomes just .517. Can’t get enough numbers? Visit…



THE SENATORS looked like they needed help everywhere earlier this season. Obviously, that’s not the case. But, as GM Bryan Murray prepares for the trade deadline, he has an eye towards bulking up at forward. Yes, Ottawa showed everybody during a franchise-record 11-game winning streak that the team has depth, but the playoffs can be a long run. If a move is going to happen, the Sens are going to have to shuffle some money around. Murray has approximately only $500,000 to play with under the salary cap. Ottawa could do nothing and be competitive. But Murray does have a track record of making big trades.…