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August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

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Who is the best Avalanche/Nordiques player of all-time? Joe Sakic 64% Peter Forsberg 10% Patrick Roy 16% Peter Statsny 8% Michel Goulet 2% SPIT IT OUT! GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST SEND US AN E-MAIL OR LOG ON SEND US SNAIL MAIL Letters, The Hockey News 25 Sheppard Ave. W., Suite 100 Toronto, ON., M2N 6S7, Canada BONUS! All subscribers get exclusive access on to digital magazine archives!…



What was your ‘welcome to the NHL’ moment? I think my first game was in Ottawa against Toronto and I got called up and figured I’d might get a few minutes in. And it was a night everyone seemed to be sick on Ottawa and I think I ended up playing 17 minutes that night and we ended up losing 4-3 in overtime. It was definitely a fun night. If you could play for any team in history, what would it be? I think the Oilers in the early ’80s – you know, Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, the list goes on. They seemed like they had a lot of fun too. Favorite album of all time? I’ll listen to anything. I don’t touch the stereo in our room. Nick Foligno or Chris Neil normally do that.…



ANSWERS AVAILABLE IN THE NEXT ISSUE AND AT ACROSS 1 Goalie’s glove 4 Boston blueliner ___ Chara 7 THN recently named him the NHL’s Best Player (with 8 Across) 8 See 7 Across 10 Snapshot (one taken with a camera, that is) 12 Daniel or Henrik 13 Summarize 14 Bobby Orr’s birthplace 18 NHL teams now play an 82-game ___ 19 Former Colorado coach ___ Crawford 20 Ted ___ was coach of the year in 1997 21 Floaters DOWN 1 Muscle pain 2 Comes through, delivers ___ ___ 3 Albany is home of hockey’s ___ Rats 4 Minneapolis-born winger with the Devils 5 Nickname of the first Edmonton team to challenge for the Cup 6 Confessed: 2 words 9 Another Devil, he’s won two Cups 11 On target 12 Craig ___ led playoff scorers in 1990 15 This Backstrom was 1959’s top rookie 16 They surprised the Sharks in the opening playoff round 17 Boston’s…



TALKING TO PITTSBURGH PENGUINS GM Ray Shero after the NHL awards ceremony, the conversation turned for some reason to Rob Scuderi, probably because I brought it up. Hey, hockey geeks will talk about anything. I asked him whether he thought the Penguins might re-sign Scuderi over the summer. Here it was, two weeks before free agency and Shero had essentially already resigned himself to losing Scuderi. He didn’t have the cap space to pay Scuderi what he would get on the open market and talked about how happy he would be to see such a good guy earn some real money for the first time in his career. (Trusted Reader: Remember these things are all relative and these people deal in a completely different reality than we do. Scuderi has earned $1.75…